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Curt asked about my strategy for getting ideal and estimated miles to be about equal.  I don’t claim to be an expert yet but I have figured out a few things that work for me.

The first is to make liberal use of cruise control.  That will minimize the little micro adjustments you make on your own and will help with the long range runs.

The second thing and I thought it would be harder is to be willing to drive slow.  On the freeway I am setting cruise at 50 55 or 59.  All are good for efficiency.  Part of the dynamic I am going for is to be moving slower than everyone else.  I thought that would be stressful and it proves to be relaxing.  I make a point to slow down more when being passed slowly to help the others get by. Think trucks.

The third is reading ideal and estimated miles.  More and more I rely on ideal miles and only look at estimated during a hundred plus mile segment.   Stay aware of issues that effect range like headwind, water,  snow, hills and mentally adjust.  Most of this is covered by others and better.  My ah hah is that freeway driving in the fifties is relaxing instead of stressful and is different from city driving around home.

I guess my last suggestion is to find an excuse to get away from your garage and get some personal experience.

I keep an eye on distance to destination on the nav and make sure that lower of ideal and estimated is about 30 to 50 miles larger.   Without much practice you will be cutting things close with the best of them.